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Amara Andrews LONDON

Brief: Create a visual identity and an e-commerce platform reflecting the personalities of a bold, vibrant, and new fashion line for men's accessories.  

"The team at elledee creations were very dedicated, great listeners, patient and professional. Client satisfaction comes first to them"

Often seen as a contributor to the main attire, men's accessories have always taken second place in men's fashion. Amara Andrews LONDON seek to change this dated perception by putting the focus on the accessories.

Specialising in quality and distinctive pieces in lapel pins, bow ties, cufflinks and socks to mention a few, these stand out items are now seen as the primary fashion piece that makes the attire.

Our creative team set to work starting with the logo which was born from a fingertip! YES! Drawn on the iPhone before a phone call with the client. This paved the way for the design and development of the responsive e-commerce platform giving the user same shopping experience on mobile, tablet and desktop. 

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